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Zealous Division Frame


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Innovative 29er Trail Hardtail featuring a patented split seat tube that allows a short rear end without the need to slope the seat tube excessively and disturbing the weight balance. This solves the old problem of reduced agility for a 29er that has an extended wheelbase. 

The precise handling of the Division made navigating or roosting the rock gardens easy 

The short back end keeps everything in check and makes the tight snappy turns a hoot, while the large wheels roll over root sections easily

Overall: A 29in hardtail that feels like it has smaller wheels. It can take the rough and tumble of pretty much anything and is playful and fun.  -


  • Just about the shortest chainstays of any 29er
  • Design minimises the compromises associated with the bigger wheel size
  • Built to tackle any trail you might want to ride”

Just about hits the nail on the head for us! - MBUK Issue 298, January 2014