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About us


Yap Bicycle Compania in August 2015, an opportunity many years in the making, a platform to pursue my passion in bicycles, in a way reliving my childhood dreams. Servicing and overhauling bicycles in the evenings and often, late into the night. There is something very special about delivering a bespoke service, everything is within you to achieve the highest possible measurements from the smallest screw torque setting, micro-millimetres adjustments of components to the alignment of dropouts and frame. In achieving near perfection in wheel trueness and  organized flow of cables on your bicycle, it brings out confidence for the rider, visual art for others and great satisfaction to the builder.

Tools has become my specialty especially wheel oriented, since I am a mechanic and wheelbuilder at heart. Today the bicycle tool world is populated by some truly amazing devices. I am a complete gearhead -  the more specific the job the tool is used for the better and through the building up of top and best tools, it will help me deliver amazing service to all bicycles, big or small, fast or slow and old or new.

Awesome B;cycle Products has been commissioned to scour the earth for great bicycle products and bicycle innovation, channeling in to our Fist-Pump Partnership shops throughout the region. Even though these products are universally endorsed, we still put them through the paces in Asia so that, we know, you have a quality product on hand and hope you will enjoy these products as much as we do.

Whether it is your 1st bike , your last bike or every bike in between, I am here to serve your cycling needs. l'll take the time to understand your needs, and find solutions that enhance your cycling experience. Join my community of satisfied customers. It's going to be pretty awesome..…”If it ain’t fixed, it’s broken”.

Cheers Chris